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The Secure World Foundation was established in December, 2002 as an endowed, private, operating family foundation by Marcel and Cynda Collins Arsenault who wished to put their financial resources to work toward creating a stable and secure world for future generations.  They have a strong belief in the capacity of the world to solve problems with intellect, wisdom and compassion.  The Board of Directors is comprised of Arsenault family members (Family Directors) and elected Community Directors.  The Board relies heavily on the expertise of their staff and Advisory Committee to set the direction and goals of the Foundation.

CyndaCynda Collins Arsenault, Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, and President of Secure World Foundation, has 40 years of experience in non-profit work including peace and justice, prisons, mental health, disability rights and environmental issues.  In additional to co-founding Secure World Foundation, she also co-founded the Arsenault Family Foundation and serves on the board of One Earth Future.

Collins Arsenault has been active in grass roots organizing and community building with a commitment to build a secure and sustainable future for the children of the world. She has also been involved in promoting opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and has authored two books on the subject. She is a member of the Colorado Women's Forum and a former Trustee of the Association for Community Living.  As a philanthropist concentrating on the empowerment and voice of women, she is part of the Women's Donor Network and Women Moving Millions.  Her philanthropy is based on a global and long-term lens.

Collins Arsenault received her B.A. in Sociology and Psychology at University of California Berkeley and earned her Master's Degree in Education from Colorado State University.


Marcel-imageMarcel Arsenault, Chairman, CEO and founder of Real Capital Solutions and co-founder of the Secure World Foundation.  Arsenault is also President and founder of the Arsenault Family Foundation and One Earth Future, an operating foundation focused on peace through governance.  He continues to be a successful entrepreneur, which allows him to fund his three foundations.  He is one of the largest and most active owners of commercial real estate in Colorado.  Before entering real estate, he founded Mountain High Yogurt, a successful brand of yogurt that he later sold.

Arsenault maintains a personal portfolio exceeding $200 million in commercial real estate assets.  He has lectured at the University of Colorado, and has delivered numerous addresses to various real estate organizations.  He has authored several papers on real estate and is a contributing author of How to Build a Real Estate Empire.

Beyond the business world, Marcel served as a board member for the Metropolitan Association for Retarded Citizens (MARC) for five years.  His achievements have won him numerous awards including the “Conservationist Award” for his participation in space projects in Boulder, Colorado and the distinguished “Steven B. Hart” award from the Colorado Historical Society for restoring the Tabor residence and the Tabor Grand Hotel in Leadville.  He was also Vice Chair of Eco-Cycle Boulder, one of the earliest and largest non-profit recycling organizations in the United States.

He earned a B.S. degree from McGill University and four years toward a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Colorado.


John Fidel Collins Arsenault is currently earning a Diversified Studies Degree with an emphasis on bio-chemistry and philosophy at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  He is an avid musician and dj with numerous recordings.


SWF_Boardmember _Rachel _YatesRachel Yates is the first Community Director elected to the SWF Board in July 2013.  In April 2013, Ms. Yates began working with the Presbyterian Church (USA) in support of its World Mission activities.  She conducts outreach to congregations in the Western U.S. from her office in Denver, Colorado.  Prior to joining the Presbyterian Mission Agency, Ms. Yates practiced law at Holland & Hart beginning in 1990, after she graduated cum laude from Boston University School of Law.  During that time, Ms. Yates served for five years as the Administrative Partner of the firm's Denver Tech Center Office and was the Chair of the firm’s aerospace law group. In service to the firm's aerospace industry clients, Ms. Yates advised them on government contracting and risk avoidance issues. She actively participated in the Colorado Space Coalition. In that capacity, she testified to the Colorado federal congressional delegation on export controls, drafted working documents analyzing the impacts on industry, and proposed legislatives solutions. She also prepared a summary of U.S. aerospace laws and regulations, for use by a foreign space agency.  In addition, Ms. Yates worked closely with her client, the Colorado Springs-based Space Foundation, to present practical and real-world advice at the International Space Symposium, in Toulouse, France, and the National Space Symposium held annually in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Ms. Yates has published and presented on commercial spaceflight law nationally and abroad: Conference of the Americas (2010, Pachuca, Mexico); International Bar Association (2012 (Dublin), 2011 (Dubai), 2010 (Vancouver), 2008, Buenos Aires); the International Institute of Space Law (2006, Valencia); the University of Nebraska Law School (2008); and University of Colorado School of Law (2009).

Ms. Yates received her Certificate of Completion from the International Space University (ISU) Summer Session Program 2003, held in Strasbourg, France. In addition to coursework in space policy and law, this program involved an intensive interdisciplinary curriculum covering the principal space-related fields, including spacecraft design and engineering, satellite applications, orbital mechanics, life sciences, physical sciences, and business management. During the program, she co-authored TRACKS to Space: Technology Research and Cooperative Knowledge Sharing, a report on innovative space technologies commissioned by the European Space Agency.


Dr. Andrew "Andy" Aldrin was elected to the SWF Board in 2014, and is also Vice President of the Board of Directors for Buzz Aldrin's ShareSpace Foundation.  Dr. Aldrin has 20+ years of business leadership and policy experience in high-profile, aerospace companies. Prior to being President of Moon Express, a position he held until recently, he was Director of Business Development and Advanced Programs at United Launch Alliance (ULA) where he oversaw development of corporate strategies, business capture, senior customer relations and advanced program development for civil space markets. Before ULA, Dr. Aldrin headed Business Development and Advanced Programs for Boeing’s NASA Systems, and Launch Services business units. He has also served as a Resident Consultant at the RAND Corporation and Professional Research Staff Member at the Institute for Defense Analyses.

He has also been Adjunct Faculty at the University of Houston and California State University at Long Beach. Dr. Aldrin holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from UCLA, an MBA from TRIUM, an MA in Science Technology and Public Policy from The George Washington University, a BA in International Relations from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and is a graduate and Adjunct Faculty member of the International Space University.

Dr. Aldrin is currently a Member of the International Academy of Astronautics and has written on a range of issues related to international security and space exploration. In addition, he has been on the Board of Directors and is a Program Chair of the Sea-Space Symposium since 2004.The Sea-Space Symposium was created in 1970 to bring together eminent leaders in aerospace and undersea exploration.  

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