Leveraging Private Sector Best Practices for Space Traffic Management

When: Monday, May 22, 2023

Since the issuance of SPD-3 in June 2018, U.S. policy has been to leverage best practices and standards developed by the private sector as the baseline for a future STM regime. Likewise, the joint communique issued by the European Commission and European External Action Service in February 2022 concludes that the European approach to STM should be based on industry-derived best practices and standards.

However, it is more challenging to decide what these best practices and standards should be. Over the last several years, there have been multiple sets of best practices developed by different sets of companies, trade associations, and NGOs. Additionally, there have been multiple analyses from academia, space agencies, and think tanks about what future best practices and standards should be adopted across current and emerging space activities.

This session will analyze this situation and discuss how to move towards a common set of best practices and standards.


1600: Overview of Best Practice Initiatives
Series of short presentations summarizing different private sector initiatives for best practices or standards that have already been proposed.

Moderator: Peter Martinez, Executive Director, SWF
Dan Oltrogge, Chief Scientist and Director of the Center for Space Standards and Innovation at the COMPOC Corporation (presentation)
Pablo Minguijon Pallas, Mission Analysis Lead at OneWeb (presentation)
Tiago Soares, Systems Engineer, ESA (presentation)

1650: Break

1700: Panel Discussion: How to Move from Practices to STM
Panel discussion of ways to leverage the existing practices and standards initiatives to make progress towards a future STM regime.

Moderator: Brian Weeden, Director of Program Planning, SWF
Yu Takeuchi, Associate Senior Administrator for Legal Affairs, JAXA / Keio Institute of Space Law
Mark Skinner, Senior Project Leader for Space Traffic Management, Aerospace Corporation
Dan Oltrogge, COMPOC Corporation
Tiago Soares, ESA


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