SWF signs up to support “Net Zero Space” declaration

Friday, November 11, 2022

Secure World Foundation (SWF) is proud to join stakeholders from all over the world in supporting the “Net Zero Space” declaration put forward by the Paris Peace Forum. This initiative seeks to curb the current growth of orbital debris as part of a wider effort to achieve truly sustainable uses of outer space for the benefit of all humankind by 2030. SWF applauds this initiative and the diverse array of government, industry, and academic actors that have participated in it. 

The Net Zero Space declaration calls on actors to act within their own technical and economic means to prevent:

  • Further generation of hazardous debris, and
  • Remediation of existing hazardous debris. 

SWF agrees that both of these measures will be critical if humans are to continue using near Earth orbits for generations to come, particularly Low-Earth Orbit. SWF, therefore, makes the following pledge in order to reduce the threat of space debris and work towards a sustainable near-Earth orbital environment:

SWF pledges to contribute to achieving the PPF’s Net Zero Space initiative by:

  1. raising awareness of the importance of developing cooperative governance solutions for space sustainability; 
  2. convening multi-stakeholder dialogues and performing, supporting, and publishing research that supports the development of norms, standards, and policies that enhance responsible behaviors in space; and
  3. promoting national commitments to not conduct destructive anti-satellite missile tests that result in long-lived debris.

SWF will continue working with international partners and stakeholders to find concrete measures to address the sustainability challenges posed by space debris and other threats. 

Peter Martinez, Executive Director of SWF, praised the Net Zero Space declaration, saying, “This initiative by the Paris Peace Forum sends a strong message that the international community is prioritizing the long-term sustainability of space activities so that all can continue to enjoy the benefits of space on Earth. SWF is happy to contribute to this effort and looks forward to more space stakeholders joining this initiative.”

Last updated on November 11, 2022