SWF Actively Participates in 2022 Paris Peace Forum

Saturday, November 12, 2022

SWF Director of Private Sector Programs Mr. Ian Christensen represented SWF at the 2022 Paris Peace Forum. Mr Christensen moderated the Roundtable on "Collision Avoided: Cooperating Globally to Mitigate Risks of Collision in Orbit," which discussed the outcomes and policy recommendations of the working group organized by the Net Zero Space initiative on improving modeling of collision risk in orbit. A recording of this session is available here. SWF is a member of the Paris Peace Forum Net Zero Space initiative. Mr Christensen also spoke as part of the Roundtable on "Operating Safely and Sustainably on the Moon: A Case for Enhanced Information Sharing.”

The 2022 Paris Peace Forum was also the venue for the "Space High-end Dialogue Series 2022: Constellations Guide the Future" event. This invitation-only event, held under Chatham House rule, was hosted by Secure World Foundation, Caelus Foundation, and the Chinese Society of Astronautics as part of an ongoing series of dialogues exchanging U.S. and Chinese perspectives on the commercialization of space. The Dialogue specifically discussed the benefits that satellite constellations might offer for society; and the need for a sustainable orbital environment to enable those benefits.

Last updated on November 18, 2022