SWF Co-Organizes Dialogue on Commercial Human Spaceflight with Caelus Foundation and Chinese Society of Astronautics

Saturday, October 16, 2021

Secure World Foundation, Caelus Foundation and the Chinese Society of Astronautics co-organized the Space High-end Dialogue Series 2021:
Commercial Human Spaceflight - the Blue Dream of Humankind. This event was part of an ongoing series of events being co-organized by SWF, Caelus Foundation, and the Chinese Society of Astronautics as a platform for exchanges of perspectives on, and discussion of, commercial space developments in the two countries.

U.S. speakers participated via an online connection, while attendees in China gathered in person in Beijing, China. During the event American and Chinese speakers delivered a series of keynote presentations and engaged in interactive discussion and questions & answers in response to the presentations. Major topics of discussion during the workshop included the Overview Effect in which human perspectives on Earth's vulnerability are shifted via a spaceflight experience, and discussion of the need and methods to balance safety and innovation through the regulation of commercial human spaceflight activities. 

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Last updated on October 23, 2021