SWF Co-Organizes Second Sino-U.S. Space Commercialization Workshop

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Secure World Foundation and the Chinese Society of Astronautics co-hosted a half day session under the theme of a Perspectives Dialogue: Key Views for Areas of Interest and Understanding. The purpose of this event was to share and understand perspectives from both US and Chinese stakeholders on how space commercialization is happening in both countries, and what can be done to increase transparency between both commercial contexts.

The session was held on the margin of the 2020 China Space Conference. The U.S. speakers at the event participated remotely through pre-recorded video presentations, while the Chinese participants gathered in an in-person setting. This session was part of an ongoing series of events being co-organized by SWF, Caelus Foundation, and the Chinese Society of Astronautics as a platform for further exchanges and discussion of commercial space developments in the two countries.


Last updated on October 2, 2020