SWF and MIT Space Enabled Research Group Host Discussion on How Space Technology Supports Economic Growth Activities

Thursday, August 20, 2020

On August 19, Danielle Wood, who leads the Space Enabled research group, moderated a webinar on SDG 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth. This panel highlighted projects that have incorporated Earth observation data to promote job opportunities and decent working conditions as well as financial services to manage incomes, accumulate assets, and make productive investments.

It featured speakers from Green Keeper Africa, Microsoft AI for Earth, and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. They shared examples of real-world applications of space data to address economic injustice around the world and examined pathways of collaboration and coordination between agencies and organizations working on this topic. A recording of the event with subtitles can be viewed here.

Please check out our series event page for more details on the remaining webinar!

Last updated on August 31, 2020