SWF Releases Kindle Version of the Handbook for New Actors in Space

Thursday, February 7, 2019

SWF is proud to announce that the first edition of our Handbook for New Actors in Space has been released in a new format. It is available for purchase on Amazon as a Kindle book

The goal of the Handbook is to is to provide both governmental and non-governmental actors coming into the space domain with a broad overview of the fundamental principles, laws, norms, and best practices for peaceful, safe, and responsible activities in space. By doing so, we hope to maximize the positive benefits and minimize the negative consequences of the growth of new actors. This will help ensure the long-term sustainable use of space so that humanity can continue to derive the many benefits space activities have to offer for the foreseeable future.

SWF continues to welcome your feedback on the current edition of the Handbook. We are interested in comments on the existing content, as well as topics and ideas for future versions. 

Last updated on February 28, 2019