SWF Contributes to Discussions on the Future of Military Space and Options for a Space Force

Thursday, December 6, 2018

SWF Director of Program Planning Dr. Brian Weeden participated in a webinar organized by Defense Daily on the future of military space activities and the options for creating a Space Force. Dr. Weeden was joined by Mr. Todd Harrison from the Aerospace Security Project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and Ms. Theresa Hitchens from the Center for International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland (CISSM). Dr. Weeden started the discussion with an overview of the major trends and changes in the space domain along with the counterspace capabilities being developed by Russia, China, Iran and North Korea. Mr. Harrison talked about the challenges and frustrations with the current way the U.S. national security space sector is organized to meet these changes and challenges and the options for reorganization, including the creation of a separate Space Force. Mr. Harrison referenced his new report on the potential costs of these options. Ms. Hitchens talked about the policy and geopolitical impact of changes to U.S. policy, doctrine, and organization and what steps the U.S. could take to help make the space domain more stable. 

A copy of Dr. Weeden's slides can be found here and a recording of the presentation can be found here. 

Last updated on December 7, 2018