SWF Participates in Spring Meetings of the 2018 International Astronautical Federation

Friday, March 30, 2018

From March 27-29, 2018, SWF Executive Director Michael Simpson, Director of Private Sector Programs Ian Christensen, and Director of Space Applications Programs Krystal Wilson represented SWF on several committees and working groups during the spring meetings of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) in Paris, France. SWF staff assisted with conference planning and participated in the review and selection of papers to be presented at the 2018 International Astronautical Congress to be held in Bremen, Germany in September 2018.

While at the IAF meetings, Mr. Christensen participated in the meetings of the Commercial Spaceflight Safety and Entrepreneurship and Investment Committees and also attended a meeting of the IAA study group on “Post-Mission Disposal for Micro and Smaller Satellites.” Ms. Wilson actively engaged with the Earth Observation Committee, the GEOSS sub-committee, and the Working Group on Emerging Countries, and participated in the IAF Committee on Space Security. 

Each year, the IAF Distinguished Service Award is given to active volunteers for their contributions to the advancements of astronautics and the IAF. This year, Executive Director Dr. Michael Simpson was one of the honorable awardees. More information on the IAF, and its activities, can be found here

Last updated on April 6, 2018