SWF Participates in the Moon Village Foundation Workshop

Friday, November 24, 2017

Dr. Michael Simpson and Mr. Johnson participated in the Moon Village Association Founding Workshop at the ISU Central Campus in Strasbourg, France from November 20-21. Dr. Simpson chaired a panel on the Scientific, Technological and Cultural aspects of developing a sustainable human settlement on the Moon. Mr. Johnson also serves as Co-Chair of the Moon Village Association Participation Mechanism Working Group, which had its first meeting during the Workshop. 

The Moon Village Association is a new non-governmental / non-profit organization with an international membership founded to promote widespread discussion and formulation of plans concerning the “Moon Village” initiative. Through its activities, the MVA seeks to advance the broad range of benefits for humankind that a “Moon Village” vision of lunar settlement could provide. Such benefits could include the utilization of lunar resources for civil space and commercial purposes, the accomplishment of important lunar scientific activities, and the support of progress toward longer term human and robotic space exploration, utilization, and commercialization goals.

Last updated on December 20, 2017