SWF Sponsors Space Generation Congress Working Group

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


The Secure World Foundation (SWF) sponsored a working group of students and young professionals at the 2015 Space Generation Congress (SGC), organized by the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), on October 8-10, in Jerusalem, Israel. "Policy Challenges Related to Nano-Satellites” discussed the emerging of small satellites by companies and universities, and their implications for the long-term sustainability of space activities, including the risks they pose to debris creation, and possible ways to manage this emerging trend in the space sector.

SWF Project Manager Chris Johnson served as a Subject Matter Expert, offering insight into the space law and policy context and challenges of small satellites, and ways that the Working Group can continue its work by contributing to the ongoing international dialogue in various international bodies. For more information please visit: The Space Generation Congress in Jerusalem. The Working Group will issue a final report before the end of the year.


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