2013 Space Security Index Executive Summary Released

Friday, June 28, 2013

Project Ploughshares released the Executive Summary of the 2013 Space Security Index at the June 2013 meeting of COPUOS. It is now available at the Space Security Index and SWF websites. This year marks the 10th anniversary of this important review of the previous year’s space security-related activities. The SSI “aims to improve transparency on space activities and provide a common, comprehensive, objective knowledge base to support the development of national and international policies that contribute to the security and sustainability of outer space.”

This year marks a departure from previous editions of the SSI. Given the increasing interdependence, mutual vulnerabilities, and synergies of outer space activities, the SSI Governance Group decided to restructure the report, organizing the material under four broad themes with accompanying indicators:


Theme 1: Condition of the space environment

Theme 2: Access to and use of space by various actors

Theme 3: Security of space systems

Theme 4: Outer space policies and governance


The full report will be completed and released in September 2013. It will include another new element: a Global Assessment of the state of the world’s space security by an independent researcher. SWF is a major contributor to the SSI.

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