Natassa Antoniou Lectures on the Role of Space Applications in Cities, Regions to Representatives of the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of the City of Nanjing, P.R. China

Thursday, March 21, 2013


SWF Project Manager Natassa Antoniou was invited by the City2020 Foundation to give a guest lecture in Wageningen, the Netherlands at the “Municipal environmental legislation and technology” course for representatives of the Environmental Protection Bureau (EPB) of the City of Nanjing (P.R. China). The course is part of the "Training Course on Urban Environmental Management and Urban Sustainable Development for Environmental Specialists and Urban Managers" project, which municipal staff of the EPB of the Chinese cities of Nanjing and Kelamay attends every year. Natassa’s presentation “Local & Regional Authorities - Going Green…Sustainable…and “Spacey”? focused on space applications and how these can support local/regional authorities. 

City2020 Foundation has its roots in Dutch-German cross-border projects and experience in the field of sustainable development. After the end of a number of formal project activities in 2006, City2020 established its main focus on Sustainable Urban Development and Urban Environmental Management to serve the need of an independent actor that could mediate between different stakeholders, facilitate the creation of synergies and become the catalyst of innovative actions. Its international approach and collaborative way of working has been demonstrated to fit well in this atmosphere, and the Foundation’s activities, network and impacts are growing rapidly. City2020 Foundation stimulates and facilitates innovative collaboration and exchange between knowledge centers, technology developers, firms and governments in the field of sustainable urban development, urban environmental management, sustainable enterprise and innovation. It is realizing this by organizing or implementing courses, training, international projects and knowledge exchange, by organizing contests and the provision of relevant expertise.

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