Sustainability & Security of Space Infrastructure

When: Tuesday, June 6, 2023

to Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Where: Indo-Pacific Geointelligence Forum, Vivanta Dwarka, New Delhi, India

Space capabilities and data are increasingly important to geointelligence and other applications critical to security in the Indopacific region. However, continued provision of those space capabilities is at risk due to multiple space sustainability threats, including space debris and counterspace capabilities. To address these issues, SWF partnered with GeoSpatial World to hold a Deep Dive session at the 2023 Indo-Pacific Geointelligence conference to discuss why space sustainability and security matters, what the major threats to sustainability and security are, and how the geointelligence community can get involved in reducing the risk to make space safer, more predictable, and stable for all.

All times in India Standard Time.


0900 - Welcome and Overview
Brian Weeden, Director of Program Planning, Secure World Foundation (SWF)

Highlight Talks 

Jim Cooper, Senior System Engineer, COMSPOC Corporation (presentation)
Duncan Blake, Lecturer in Space Law and Strategy, University of New South Wales, Canberra  (presentation)
Jason Mallare, Vice President, Umbra (presentation)

1030 - Q&A Session with Speakers

1100 - Break

1200 - Keynote
Dr. N. Aparna, Group Director, NDC Data & Products, Indian National Remote Sensing Centre

1215 - Panel: Indo-Pacific Priorities for Space Security and Sustainability

Noelle Riza Castillo, Director of the Bureau of Space Policy and International Cooperation of the Philippine Space Agency
Aya Awamoto, Japan Space Policy Lead, Astroscale Holdings
Caitlin Searle, Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Ajey Lele, Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis
Moderator: Aditya Ramanathan, Research Fellow, the Takshashila Institution

1330 - Close

 For additional information and questions, please contact Dr. Brian Weeden.

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