2021 Sino-U.S. Space Commercialization Workshop

When: Sunday, April 25, 2021

Time: 9:00 AM China Standard Time

Where: Nanjing, China (hybrid event)

Secure World Foundation, Caelus Foundation, and the Chinese Society of Astronautics co-organized the 2021 Sino-U.S.  Space Commercialization Workshop.  This event was held on the margin of the 2021 China Space Conference and was part of an ongoing series of events being co-organized by SWF, Caelus Foundation, and the Chinese Society of Astronautics as a platform for further exchanges and discussion of commercial space developments in the two countries. 

U.S. speakers participated via an online connection, while attendees in China gathered in person in Nanjing, China. During the event American and Chinese speakers delivered a series of keynote presentations and engaged in interactive discussion and questions & answers in response to the presentations. Topics covered included viewpoints on the space economy, trends in space tourism and cislunar development; and discussion of satellite constellations for broadband and internet of things. Themes of policy and regulatory best practices and the value of market competition were also discussed.

The speakers and the topic of their presentations at the workshop are listed below  (please click on links to view recorded presentations)

For more information, contact: Ian Christensen, Director of Private Sector Programs.


  • Moderator:  CIU Yufu, Chief Designer, China Satellite Communications Co, Ltd.
  • WANG Yiran, Vice President & Secretary General Chinese Society of Astronautics (CSA): Opening and Closing Remarks
  • Jose Ocasio-Christian, Chairman of the Board, Caelus Foundation:  Opening and Closing Remarks
  • Ian Christensen, Director of Private Sector Programs, Secure World Foundation: Opening and Closing Remarks
  • WU Ji, Professor, National Space Science Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences: "Space Tourism"
  • Richard Dalbello, Vice President, Global Engagement, Virgin Galactic: “Commercial Spaceflight – New Opportunities for Science and Research”, interviewed by Ian Christensen
  • JIN Xin, Vice President, CHINAROCKET CO LTD, China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology: “Opening and Integration, Innovation and Driving, Create a Commercial-Aerospace Integrated Solution”
  • Kevin O’Connell, Founder and CEO, Space Economy Rising LLC: “American Views on the Space Economy”,  interviewed by Jose Ocasio-Christian 
  • ZHAO Qiming, Vice President of Hi Wing Satellite Operation Division of the Third Institute of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation: “Discussion on Systematic Innovation of Commercial Aerospace”
  • CHEN Dong, Professor, Department of Telecommunication and Navigation Satellites of China Academy of Space Technology: "On the Global Development of Low Orbit Satellite Internet."
  • Rob Ronci, Executive Director, Caelus Foundation: “Lost Without Translation: Identifying Gaps in U.S. Perceptions of the Chinese Commercial Space Sector.”
  • XIANG Bin, Vice President of Leobit Technology Co. Ltd, "Current Situation and Development of Satellite Internet of Things."
  • WANG, Xiowei, Professor of China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, "Some Thoughts About Cislunar Exploration and Exploitation in New Space Era."


"Space industry players urge cooperation for global and generational benefits" - Article in The Beijing Review discusses 2021 Sino-U.S. Space Commercialization Workshop.


Last updated on May 13, 2021