Planetary Protection and Lunar Activities

When: Thursday, July 9, 2020

Time: 2:00 PM

The Moon Dialogs is pleased to announce the forth salon in our series aimed at advancing interdisciplinary lunar policy thinking relevant to near term lunar activity. The salons are focused exclusively on the Moon.

Thursday, July 9 at 2 pm EDT (11am PST / 8pm CET) the topic will be Planetary Protection and Lunar Activities. Opening remarks will be provided by Jim Bridenstine, followed by a regulatory and policy roundtable featuring Mike Gold, Tanja Masson-Zwaan, Lindy Elkins-Tanton and Alan Stern. At the hour, there will be an optional 30 minute open discussion/afterparty for those who wish to discuss further.


About This Series

The Moon Dialogs salons seek to cultivate thought leadership on lunar surface coordination mechanisms to accelerate peaceful and sustained presence on the Moon. We host monthly research salons on salient topics every full Moon. The Moon Dialogs is a partnership focused on governance and coordination mechanisms, convened by organizations and participating researchers exploring voluntary, multilateral mechanisms, norms, and economic arrangements that aim to grow ecosystems of lunar activity--both governmental and non-governmental. The project is a collaboration between Open Lunar Foundation, Secure World Foundation, the MIT Space Exploration Initiative, Arizona State University, and For All Moonkind. The Dialogs bring stakeholders to the table on equal footing, with an emphasis on practical tools, operating models, and rights frameworks for the next 10 years. Is it not a consensus forum, but a place to put forward ideas which will accelerate short term activity and support bold plans for sustained presence. 

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Last updated on June 18, 2020