Space and Cyber: Bolstering the Two Domains

When: Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Time: Lunch at 12:30pm; panel discussion 1pm-3pm

Where: 1779 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC 20036

Cyber is being seen as an increasingly viable option for interfering with the use of space and could result in a highly unstable domain. But while multiple countries likely possess cyber capabilities that could be used against space systems, actual evidence of cyber attacks in the public domain are limited. Additionally, a growing number of non-state actors are actively probing commercial satellite systems and discovering cyber vulnerabilities that are similar in nature to those found in non-space systems. 

Yet there is a clear trend toward lower barriers to access, and widespread vulnerabilities coupled with reliance on relatively unsecured commercial space systems create the potential for effective and damaging cyber attacks. This threat deserves attention and will likely only continue to grow in severity.    

This panel examined the relationship between space and cyber from the viewpoints of commercial, policy, and international actors, and discussed ways in which stakeholders can ensure that their space capabilities will be reliable and accessible over the long-term.



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