2013 AMOS Dialogue in Maui

When: Thursday, September 12, 2013

Where: Maui, Hawaii, United States

2013 was the inaugural AMOS Dialogue, a small, invitation-only workshop co-hosted by the Maui Economic Development Board (MEDB) and Secure World Foundation (SWF) during the 2013 Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Technologies (AMOS) Conference, held on the Hawaiian island of Maui, September 10-13, 2013. The Dialogue was held under Chatham House rule.

The goal of the workshop was to foster dialogue among space situational awareness (SSA) providers and end users thereby promoting greater collaboration and cooperation toward SSA-enabled safe and responsible space operations. The workshop convened representatives from several current and potential future SSA sharing programs and initiatives around the world with a variety of end users and stakeholders. Topics addressed include d current status of SSA programs and sharing initiatives, identification of areas for further improvement or collaboration, gaps in coverage or meeting end-user needs, and future steps.

Event Materials


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