Brussels Space Policy Round Table: Race to the Moon and Back - Policy Perspectives 50 Years After the JFK's 1962 Moons Speech

When: Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where: Avenue des Arts 8, 1210 Brussels (building of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

For a long time space activities were characterized by rapid development of new technology in a close race mostly between the US and the Soviet Union. The Space Age reached its peak with the Apollo program that captured the imagination of much of the world's population. The landing of Apollo 11 was watched by over 500 million people around the world and is widely recognized as one of the defining moments of the 20th century. Since then participation in space launches has increasingly widened to more governments and commercial interests. In the past decade, the number of space faring states increased from 27 to over 50 and there are more on the horizon that aspire to become players in the space arena. Space activities are no longer exclusive to the big players (USA, Russia, China), as it has become apparent that space technology can benefit humanity  in various areas such as health care, education, disaster management, food security, water management, and navigation - just to name a few. 

Secure World Foundation and Young Professionals in Foreign Policy will organize the panel discussion "Race to the Moon and Back: Policy Perspectives 50 years after the JFK's 1962 Moons Speech". The event will focus on the analysis of the last 50 years of the Space Age and we will then move to its current developments, challenges, and the future plans.

Watch the Kennedy Rice Speech:

Speakers Include:

Andrew Pelkey,
Political-Military Officer, United States Mission to the European Union
Dumitru Prunariu, Cosmonaut, President, Association of Space Explorers
Aarti Holla-Maini, Secretary General, European Satellite Operators Association
Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Brussels Office Director, Secure World Foundation
Moderator: Leonardo Colucci, Programming Director, Young Professionals in Foreign Policy

Read the Biographies of the Expert Speakers Who Participated

The following are presentations from our expert speakers from the conference including:


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