Secure World presents "Asian Space Policy and The United States"

When: Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where: Choate Room, 1779 Massachusetts Ave, NW, Washington DC 20036

This event was a follow up to the 2011 Secure World Foundation (SWF) - Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) International Workshop on Space Policies and Laws held in Beijing in May of 2011.  The CAS workshop brought regional and international space experts together to discuss both the current state of Asia's space policy as well as the importance of cooperation as Asia becomes increasingly involved in space.

"Asian Space Policy and the United States" featured a panel discussing the Beijing workshop, the direction of Asia space, and the role the United States' policy community can play in shaping that direction.  This panel focused primarily on the People's Republic of China. Following the panel discussion, there was an open Q&A session.

Summary of the May 2011 Beijing Workshop


Audio recording of the event

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