Space Situational Awareness

Apr 18, 2016

Contested and Congested: Current Trends in Space Security . Presentation to the Decatur-Morgan Chamber of Commerce Annual Public Policy Trip to Washington, DC.

Oct 5, 2015

"Dancing in the dark redux: Recent Russian rendezvous and proximity operations in space," The Space Review, October 5, 2015. B. Weeden.

Jun 26, 2014

"Current Issues in Space Sustainability and Space Traffic Management", presentation to the Aerospace Industries Association Space Council, Arlington, United States, June 26, 2014

Jun 24, 2014

"The Importance of Space Situational Awareness and Potential Role for Japan to Contribute", lecture given to the 5th Space Diplomatic Study Group, Tokyo, Japan, June 24, 2014

Jun 18, 2014

"How Do I Ask Permission to Engage With A Piece of Space Debris?", presentation at the 3rd European Workshop on Debris Mitigation and Remediation, Paris, France, June 18, 2014.

May 28, 2014

SWF's Space Sustainability - A Practical Guide (updated 2014)

May 9, 2014

Testimony of Mr. Brian Weeden on “Space Traffic Management: Preventing a Real Life ‘Gravity’”, Hearing of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, U.S. House of Representatives, May 9, 2014.

Oct 11, 2013

"Lessons for Improved International Space Situational Awareness (SSA) from Recent Developments in Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA)"IAC-13-A.6.7.8, presented at 64th International Astronautical Congress, Beijing, China, September 23-27, 2013. Tiffany Chow and Kate Becker.

Aug 26, 2013

Gambling With A Space Fence, The Space Review

Jul 28, 2013

Computer Systems and Algorithms for Space Situational Awareness: History and Future Development, 2th International Space Conference of Pacific-basin Societies, Montreal, Canada. With P. Cefola

Oct 1, 2012

"Novel Approaches to International Cooperation and Data Sharing for SSA",  presented at 63rd International Astronautical Congress, Naples, Italy, October 1-5, 2012. Tiffany Chow, Michael Kretzenbacher, Minoo Rathnasabapathy and Guzel Kamaletdinova.

Oct 1, 2012

"Lessons Learned from Maritime Domain Awareness for International SSA Data Sharing", presented at 63rd International Astronautical Congress, Naples, Italy, October 1-5, 2012. Tiffany Chow and Kate Becker.

Feb 13, 2012

"The Global Space Situational Awareness Sensors Database - A New Tool for Collaboration and Cooperation",  49th Session of the Scientific and Technical Subcommittee of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS) , Vienna, Austria, February 13, 2012. Brian Weeden.

Sep 15, 2010

Global Space Situational Sensors, 2010 Advanced Maui Optical and Space Surveillance Conference, Maui, Hawaii With P. Cefola and J. Sankaran.

May 3, 2010

"Open Source Software Suite for Space Situational Awareness and Space Object Catalog Work", 4th International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools Techniques, Madrid, Spain, 3-6 May 2010. Brian Weeden, Paul Cefola and Creon Levit.

Jan 5, 2010

Verification in Space: Theories, Realities, and Possibilities, Disarmament Forum no. 3. With B. Baseley-Walker.

Jul 13, 2009

The Numbers Game, The Space Review

Mar 1, 2009

"Space Debris Positional Data Needed Commercially,"Imaging Notes, Spring 2009. Ray Williamson.

Feb 23, 2009

"Billiards in Space," The Space Review, February 23, 2009. Brian Weeden.

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