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The Space Security Index (SSI) is an annual report on trends and developments related to security and outer space, covering the period January to December of the previous year (see recent editions). The goal of the SSI is to improve transparency with respect to space activities and provide a common, comprehensive knowledge base to support the development of national and international policies that contribute to space security. The trends and developments are assessed according to nine indicators that are organized under three themes:

  • The condition of the operating environment
    • The space environment
    • Space situational awareness
    • Space laws, policies, and doctrines
  • The type of actors in space and how space is used
    • Civil space programs and global utilities
    • Commercial space
    • Space support for terrestrial military operations
  • The status of space-related technology as it pertains to protecting or interfering with space systems, or harming Earth from space
    • Space systems protection
    • Space systems negation
    • Space-based strike capabilities.

Each of the nine indicators is examined in a separate chapter that provides a description of the indicator and its overall impact on space security. A discussion of the prevailing trends associated with that indicator is followed by an overview of key developments throughout the year, and an assessment of their short-term effects on established trends and the broader security of outer space.

The report is managed and published by Project Ploughsares with support and funding from Secure World Foundation, The Simons Foundation, the International Security Research and Outreach Programme at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, and the Erin J.C. Arsenault Trust at McGill University.

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